Something Else: The Brand New Single From Hozho And His Plans For The Future

Something Else: The Brand New Single From Hozho And His Plans For The Future

A few days have passed since the release of my latest single Something Else and it has been a good feeling to see your reaction. I’m very happy that the big majority of you like this track, despite being a little different from my usual stuff.

Some of you believe that I have gone out of my style too much and I understand why and respect your opinion. So let me explain a little bit about the origin of this track.


You know, when you create a music style that defines you and you grow that style and you start influencing other artists, you start to feel that you are now a prisoner of that genre, because if you no longer produce the kind of music for which you have gained recognition, you are no longer the artist who your fans once admired.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. There’s nothing in the world that makes me more realized than producing this style that I affectionately called Melodark. But at the same time I don’t want to be a prisoner, my creativity cannot be limited within a genre. Otherwise I go crazy.

That’s why I decided to explore other sounds but trying to keep the genre that always defined me at the same time. And yes, it will be perfectly normal that from time to time you will hear different sounds from my music because I’m curious, that’s who I am, I like to try things.

Now, some people will like it and others won’t. That’s life. One thing that I learned is that we cannot please everyone. So do what you wanna do and have fun doing that. That’s why this song has this name because it is in fact “Something Else”.

But you can be sure that Melodark is here to stay and you can keep expecting those introspective and traveling melodies in my upcoming tracks.


I admit that in 2020 I was a little bit “dead”. The fact that I only released two songs (Time To Move On and Full Measures) proves how much I could have done.

The truth is… I didn’t react in the best way to what happened in the world, with the COVID situation. I went into a negative spiral, frustration, anxiety. And that blocked my motivation to make music.

But I like to think that everything happens for a reason and I believe that all the negative things that happened to me last year gave me the necessary inspiration for the projects that are coming.

If 2020 was a year of stagnation in my career, 2021 is a new beginning. I can tell you that, if you see me out from social media for a while, it means that I’m focused on the studio and making music. I like to disconnect from the world, make a kind of detox from the digital world when I’m in a creative mood.

Many songs are being produced, not only to be released but also to be able to play them in my future sets, starting with my Quarantine Mix 3 that will be recorded very soon. It will be my last Quarantine Mix because I want to believe that things will return to normal little by little and “quarantine” is something I never want to hear again in my life.

Plus, in 2021 I want to release my second solo album – Psychological Issues. It’s still at an early stage but I believe it will be ready to be released by the end of the year. It will be another very special project for me and I want it to reflect everything I experienced during this whole pandemic phase, my “not-so-good” times.

And yes, something that you have been waiting for will also be released this year: my DJ Mix 04. Right now, we are studying the place where it will be recorded. I want it to be something big, better than DJ Mix 03, which already has almost 5 million views. 5 MILLION! That’s crazy.

In addition to these projects that I just mentioned, you can count on the usual singles (or maybe EP’s) that will be released from time to time.

I have many more ideas for the future but I don’t want to write too much on this post, I know your time is precious. I guess some things will be a surprise.

Once again I wanna thank you for all the support you have given me, not only in this last single but throughout my career. Today I can say that I live only on music but it wasn’t always like this. With persistence, faith and hard work, anything is possible. So if you are a producer, DJ or you want to be an artist, whatever your craft is, never give up. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Music projects take time to be recognized but it’s a journey worth taking.

Be the best and fuck the rest!

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  1. 😯You…know…What…I…receive…like…message…in..this…day….from…new…moon.
    He…who…believes…in…himself…😍…There……such…thing….in..front…of…him….as… the:(Unknown).👉❤…is…your…tool.🙏🙌

  2. Dear Hozho,
    your music, for me personally, is the epitome of motivation! The beats, melodies, vocals, rhythms… it makes me dance and cry and party all night, even alone during lockdown… I want to share the positivity, the energy and the emotions with everyone I know… Go on with what your doing! People will notice and appreciate it!
    Thank you so much for being what you are and living that to the fullest!
    Best regards from Germany

  3. Just want to say how amazing your music is and how much good feelings it can create in people’s lifes. If I need a lift up, i just listen to your tracks and the stress disapears.
    Keep up the fantastic work and hope to see you someday live 😎

  4. querido Hozho.
    junto con saludarte y con mucho respeto quisiera decirte que yo creo que tu no haces música, ¡¡tu creas arte¡¡ y eso te hace ser un artista… alguien con la dedicación, perseverancia y pasión que tu colocas en cada sonido, cada nota, nunca había visto eso. comparto tu idea de que un artista no puede encasillarse en un solo estilo, eso mata al artista y por ende lo que hace…y por ultimo quisiera darte las gracias por la gran ayuda que tu me das…porque cuando trato de hacer o crear algo y mi mente se nubla… siento que con tu música recibo un shock de energía creativa que invade mi mente… de verdad, tu haces que me guste trabajar 12 horas en mi taller alejado de todo, y solo tu música me conecta con el mundo.
    deseándole lo mejor a ud. y su familia.
    nota: obiamente tendré que comprar su album y tambien la polera que gusto mucho 😉

  5. Sevgili Hozho,
    senin ritimlerinle, o sihirli müziğinin lezzetini FARKETtiğim
    andan sonra işte bu dedim.. adeta tarzın FARKLIlığını sürekli bir istekle kesintisiz, beklentiye değerli kılan, üzmeyen, strese sokmayan, şikayetsiz tam tadında geçiş dozlarınızla, hangi duyguyu yaşatmak istediğinizi geçiren ve bunu kodlarken, anlayanların anlayıp, mutlu olacağı bir bağımlılık yapıyorsunuz.. başkalarını dinlemekten hemen sıkılıp tekrar size dönmek, tabii ya ne gerek varki arayış içinde olmanın diyorum.. Mutlu ve güvenli olduğun yerde huzursuz olmazsın.. Kişiliğinin nayifliği müziğine yansıyor.. He alarm ve sirenlerine bayılıyorum lonlardan vazgeçme aralarda kullanmayı unutma lütfen.
    SEVgiyle bekliyoruz.. İSTANBUL TURKEY den slmlar.

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