Hozho Biography

“Hozho’s signature – Melodark Minimal – instantly diversifies the rising producer from the pack, disregarding the current dance music meta for something more intrinsically expressive.”

Dancing Astronaut Magazine, 2019


Born in 1993, Hozho is a Portuguese DJ and music producer. His unique sounds, characterized by harmonious melodies in the middle of darkness, with minimal techno influences, led him to create his own musical genre – Melodark Minimal. Hozho makes melodious what appears to be tenebrous. He is the calm during the storm. The Yin and Yang.

Much more than a musical genre, Melodark Minimal is an artistic movement, always with an emotional, motivational and overcoming message. It’s a story. A philosophy. A lifestyle. Where many electronic producers get lost in the loopiness of lengthier beats, Hozho feels at home there. Each tune is a journey in its own right, courting the listener through the enchanted melodark forest of the Portuguese producer’s sonic envoy.

Joel Monteiro (Hozho’s real name) created this project in 2015 and since then he has released two albums, several EP’s, singles and remixes. His latest album Yin Yang, released in 2019, set Hozho in another level in the electronic music industry, asserting the status of “Rising Artist” for his originality and creativity. Yin Yang invites listeners on an aesthetically sound aural adventure—fusing darker influences, from techno, progressive, electro and even orchestral sound palates for an experience all its own.

After the release of Yin Yang, Hozho started his world tour where he has played in countries such as India, Mexico, Turkey and Russia. In 2020, Hozho will continue this journey around the world.

Hozho has been widely recognized by his DJ Mix 03 on YouTube. But let’s be honest: many people know him because of his plague doctor mask. As Hozho says:

“Back in the days, the plague was caused by evil spirits, said a theory. To scare the spirits away, the mask was intentionally designed to be creepy. When I perform, I use the mask to scare all the bad energies and problems that people may have, whether on the dance floor or in their lives.”

For some years now, psychological issues have haunted him. This will be demonstrated in his art. And for that reason, you can expect a new Hozho for 2020. Literally!