Hozho Biography

Melodark Minimal | Music created by a contemporary Plague Doctor

Hozho is an electronic music producer and DJ, from Portugal. His unique sounds, characterized by harmonious melodies in the middle of darkness, influenced by Minimal Techno, led him to create his own musical genre – Melodark Minimal. Hozho makes melodious what appears to be tenebrous. He is the calm during the storm. The Yin and Yang. According to his words:

“This project came from the need to express myself in a way that I never succeeded. I want my music not to be just music. I want to tell you a story. My past and my present. Good things and bad things.”

In 2015, Hozho released his first original track – The Clock – starting his journey in the world of electronic music. Since then, Hozho has released EP’s, DJ Mixes, single tracks, remixes… In short, a lot of music. Most recently he has released the album Beyond The Horizon (2017) with his friend Black Hertz.

With tracks like Requiescat In Pace, The Destroyer Of Worlds and Silent, and with the popularity of his DJ Mixes, Hozho began to gain recognition not only national but also international, with a great legion of fans in countries like Germany, Mexico, Argentina, France and Brazil.

There’s a mystique that was created around Hozho. The plague mask, used by doctors during the Black Death in Europe in the 14th century, gives Hozho a unique identity. As he says:

“The plague was caused by evil spirits, says a theory. To scare the spirits away, the mask was intentionally designed to be creepy. When I perform, I use the mask to scare all the bad energies and problems that people may have, whether on the dance floor or in their lives.”

The great mission of Hozho? Spread his art all over the world. Like an epidemic. Like a plague.