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Melodark Minimal

To talk about Melodark is to talk about my journey, my story, my inspirations and the desire to create something different. My passion for electronic music came at an advanced stage of my life. However, music in general has been part of my life since I was born. At that time, in an unconscious way but now I’m fully conscious. And it was that musical awareness that led me to define my path and my musical style, through the different influences that inspired me throughout this journey. I’ve always been a creator and I decided to create something that is more than an electronic music genre. It’s a movement. A philosophy. A musical story. It’s Melodark.

The origin of the name and main characteristics

The term comes from the junction of 2 words: melody (melo) and darkness (dark). These are the main characteristics that a track of mine should have. Each of these characteristics can be enhanced more than the others during a song.

Like I use to say, I’m a melody man. And that’s very audible on my tracks. In my opinion, it’s the melodic part that allows us to travel through a song, to escape reality. The fact that I had music lessons during my adolescence helped me a lot. I was a bass guitar player and this gave me some basic notions of musical composition. I took advantage of these lessons and today I apply them in my art.

Hozho - Salta, Argentina
Feeling some melodies @ Bamboo, Salta (Argentina)

The darkest parts of my tracks also arouse certain emotions to the listeners. Putting together the melodic and the dark parts is what makes my songs a mix of feelings and energy. The calm during the storm. The Yin and Yang. And it’s the darkest parts of the songs that make the raves where I play a bit more “aggressive” which many ravers love.

I found in minimal techno the perfect getaway to associate my knowledge and my musical style. It’s a style that allows you to dance and allows you to think of every detail of the song, in each pattern, in each groove. There is no rule for the instruments I use on each track. It’s something that comes up in the moment. I try different things and listen to what sounds good. And just as the best things in life are simple and minimalist, music should also be like this, to let people interpret each track in their own way.

Melodark as a philosophy and lifestyle

Despite the characteristics I mentioned above, Melodark is not so obvious. After all, what I do is electronic music. Theoretically, I just thought about the aspects that define my music and I gave it a name. But for me, it’s more than that. As I said at the beginning of this post, Melodark is my journey, my story and my inspirations. It’s very personal. Although the main two characteristics are constant, they don’t follow a regular pattern and that’s why I have songs that are quite different from each other. However, the essence is there. What changed was my mood.

For me, the main goal of Melodark, as an artistic movement, is to tell a story, either throughout a song or a set. But your story is different from mine. That’s why I said that it’s not so obvious. It’s very subjective. And I think that’s where the beauty of music lies. I’m creating my story, what about you?

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  1. Dear Hozho, your music helped me threw a difficult time and still gives me energy everyday.
    Many thanks for the wonderful music that sounds like a very good story you want to read everyday !


    Raymond B

  2. Yes!! Meloark it is, this is the name of the Genre I’ve been looking forever! Thank you!

  3. Hozho Gracias por tu trabajo es impecable tu musica me llena de energia e inspiracion, decirle al mundo tu nombre esa es la deuda que tengo contigo! Saludos desde Honduras.

  4. Your style is something very unique, I really love how you incorporate melodies in a a genre that’s really difficult to have melodies in! And this amazing flow in your songs,gives so much energy! All the best!

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