4 Reasons Why You Should Make More Videos

4 Reasons Why You Should Make More Videos

Videos – they’re everywhere! Some become viral, others can transmit a powerful message. Increasingly, videos have a big impact on social networks and consequently on people’s lives, which is quite understandable because videos are very interactive. Let’s look at the example of YouTube channels like Cercle and Boiler Room. They had a great projection thanks to their originality. They managed to create a concept that is currently recognized on a global scale. It’s not just about the music, it’s the way it is shared to the public and fans. I’ve already realized the great advantage of videos in the musical success of an artist and I keep in mind that it was thanks to my DJ Mixes on YouTube that I got a lot of fans. That’s why I decided to write this blog post and present you 4 reasons why you should make more videos.

1. It’s easy

All you need is a camera. Seriously! You don’t need to work with a team like Cercle to make an impact with your videos. If you have already seen my DJ Mix 01 you know what I’m talking about. In this video I only had one camera pointed at me while I record my set and in two years it has reached more than 250,000 views on YouTube. The fact that it’s a video and not just a static image while playing my set makes all the difference because as I said, it’s more interactive, it catches people’s attention and everything you need is a camera, good ideas and create something unique, either through your video and your music.

But Hozho, I don’t have a good camera…

Well, a camera is an important investment, such as a sound card, a keyboard or a mixer for your music. And you can get a good and cheap camera, easily. (See Xiaomi Yi and other action cameras)

2. People love videos, and so do social networks

I still remember the time when it was only possible to upload 15-second videos on Instagram. Nowadays, we can upload videos with one minute. And now there is something called IGTV. And every time we open Facebook feed, most of the content we see is videos. We get notifications when any page we follow is going live, and this live video can reach much more people than regular videos. Most people use YouTube to listen to music. I think you’ve already understood what I mean…

3. There’s something called YouTube and it could be your best friend

That’s right. One of the great advantages of YouTube is its ability to recommend videos according to our interests. If you know how to correctly apply titles, description and tags when uploading your videos, YouTube can help you a lot. People discover you because they were listening to a set (or a song) of artist X and in the recommendations column, your set (or your song) appeared. And baaam! You got a new fan. This is how you begin to show up. Obviously, this doesn’t happen overnight, but persistence is KEY, and learning as well. (See Setting Up Your Artist Channel)

4. You can promote your work in an original and unique way

I believe that every artist should differentiate himself in order to not to be one among thousands of other artists. If you want to stand out, you must be different. You must create your own musical style, create your own personality as an artist and you should promote it in a different way. All you need is good ideas and boldness, as in my DJ Mix 03. I went to the street to record a set and I decided that all this should be recorded on the cameras. And so far, the feedback has been super positive. What I want to say is that you must be as original as possible so that your fans look at your work and they recognize you immediately.

You have something that others don’t have and that’s why I will listen to you.

This is what your fans must think about you. Don’t be afraid to take risks!

I hope this post has been helpful. I decided to talk about it because in fact the videos have helped me a lot over these 3 years since I created this project. It was these videos that brought me new fans and these new fans have brought me even more fans. And with the fans, the gigs! I work a lot in the studio, I travel, I perform in nightclubs or at festivals and I’ve learned to always walk with something in my pocket – my camera.

Until next time!

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