The 3P Rule – A road to success in your musical career

The 3P Rule - A road to success in your musical career

Another post, another dose of motivation! This time I will talk about a rule that I think is key to the growth of any music artist. This rule, in practice, doesn’t exist. It was created by me and therefore, it may not be consensual. It has been appearing over the years since I created my project Hozho and so far, it has worked quite well for me. One day I woke up and I thought that made perfect sense. In the future, I would like to develop even more this rule. Maybe even write a book. But until then, I leave you here the basics of the 3P Rule: Psychology, Production and Promotion.


It all starts in our head! People who know me know that I really believe in this. There’s no need for us to have the most expensive equipment or a sophisticated studio to make music. All we need is to have our heads in place, a fucking motivation, a huge desire to create music and keep our focus on what we are doing. A few months before I created my project Hozho, the only thing I had was a laptop (the same one I still use today), a second screen, a 5.1 sound system and Fender headphones that came with my bass guitar that I bought in 2009. At the time, I was already producing some stuff but I thought I was not prepared to release a serious project because I didn’t have the necessary conditions to make quality music.

I was wrong! I’ve changed my beliefs. I realized that the music I was producing wasn’t that horrible (it was just bad) and then I released the project in August 2015. And since then I’ve been improving a lot. But it’s not just because I have better equipment. By the way, this isn’t even the most important thing. What has made me grow on an artistic and personal level is my overwhelming desire to be better, day after day. We all have bad days. We all go through complicated stages, problems, with no inspiration. However, we must be stronger than that, keep a positive attitude towards things, try to see an opportunity in every problem. Seeking inspiration in hard times is something that happens very regularly. Because if we don’t believe in ourselves, who will believe us? Do your best and never give up. Life is learning and we are in the process of evolution. As Tupac said:

“Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So, no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep your head up and handle it.”

Music production - Hozho in the studio


Ok, now we’re motivated! We have the will and the ambition to want to go further. It’s time for some action, you need to get things done! And this is obvious, we need to produce some music if we really want to be a musician. One of the most important advice I can give you is… BE YOURSELF! We all have our musical influences, but when it comes the moment to put things on paper (in this case, on DAW), we must create a sound that identifies us. Otherwise, we will be just one more among the thousands of talents that exist in our world. I believe that being different is even more important than being the best. We may not be the best producers in the world but if we are different from everyone else, we’ll catch people’s attention more easily. It could be for good reasons or bad reasons but this is something that you shouldn’t worry about. See more about electronic music production working methods and techniques here.

The most important thing is to produce what you love. Fans listen to their favorite artists not only for the music they do but also for their personality. They identify with what they hear and with what the artist intends to transmit. And if you can’t produce what you really want to produce, try harder! If you’re just getting started, there are thousands of tutorials on the internet that explain everything about production. But I don’t blame you if you want to produce something that already exists. If you have a great passion for music and if you believe that it’s possible to reach the top of the mountain, then I’m sure you will get there!

3P Rule - Psychology, Production, Promotion


Now we are motivated and we already have some tracks. That means that we are already great musicians and now we just have to wait for the fans and the gigs to show up, right? And if they don’t show up it’s because our music sucks and the best bet is to dedicate ourselves to something else…. WRONG! I believe that this is where many good producers get lost. Increasingly, the need to promote our work properly is essential. In a world full of producers and DJs, the demand is starting to be few in relation to the offer. But at the same time, I believe there is room for everyone. Because there are a lot of DJs playing for beer and I’m glad that’s the way it is! There would be no room at the top for all the artists who really want to make a music career. But you want to be part of this group! So that’s why you must create value for people.

It’s very important to know your audience: their geographical location, age group, gender, etc. If you have this knowledge, you can create by yourself a marketing plan for your project. We should be grateful to live in a fantastic era where everyone in the world can reach us through a computer or mobile phone. Isn’t it fantastic? It’s much easier these days to reach audience than 20 years ago. However, a knowledge of marketing is essential so that you can avoid mistakes that can ruin your image. Despite being a precious tool, the internet can fuck your reputation in a matter of hours. Fortunately, you can get all sorts of information about promoting on social media on the Internet, specifically for artists. And just as in the production process, you should also think out of the box when you are making your promotion to catch the attention of your listeners.

If you can associate these 3 steps – Psychology, Production and Promotion – I’m sure that you will achieve your goals, sooner or later. Because it doesn’t matter the speed but the direction. I remind you that everything I have said here is the result of my experience. Certainly, you may disagree with what was said here but personally it has helped me a lot. And I sincerely hope that it helps you too. If you want me to do a more detailed post about one of these steps, leave it in the comments. It’s a pleasure to share my experiences and my knowledge. With that said, I say goodbye and I’ll see you in the next post. Soon there will be news so stay tuned. Hasta!

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  1. when i read your posts i cry , i feel the same way and i am doing the same thing u did you think i’ll be good dj one day ? i am sure i’ll be a good dj ! thank Hozho !

  2. Man i can believe this!!! I know your music 3 months ago, the first time i listen to “fur hisenberg” track in youtube dj mix 03 i was shocked… Since that day i want to be a producer and dj like you… i never use a dj controller, less a DAW, but investigating and learning step by step i buy my own controller and play in afterpartys for my friends and they love what i’ve done… thank you for changing my life ❤️ Hope see you soon in february in argentina!! 💪🏽

    1. Hola Joaquin! I’m so glad to hear that, to know that my work inspires you and has changed your life. If you really want to be a producer and DJ, you can do it, just believe in yourself. Be the best and fuck the rest! See you in february hopefully 🙏

  3. Hola Hozho, otro excelente post. Pocos artistas han dejado su camino por escrito como lo has hecho tú. Quiero que sepas que me estás inspirando a otro nivel. Obrigado!

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