3 Simple Ways To Make A Bassline Like Hozho [With Video]

3 Simple Ways To Make A Bassline Like Hozho [With Video]

In this blog post I won’t write too much because a video is worth a thousand words. In this case, there will be three videos. Each one explains a different way to make a bassline, like the ones I usually produce in my tracks. Creating this kind of basslines is a very simple process as you will see, even for an amateur producer. It’s simple but effective! So let’s get down to business.

PS: Sorry for the poor quality of my voice. For a better experience, I recommend headphones.

1. Flat Bassline With Sidechain Compression

2. “Trance” Bassline

3. Automated Bassline


  1. Thanks for this mate, it is very helpful ! What software would you recommend for a complete amateur ! Also I think you would be perfect opener for Boris Brejcha, I love your sound !

    1. It’s my pleasure to help. I could recommend several softwares like FL Studio, Ableton or Cubase, but what I really recommend is that if you start using one software, stay in that software and explore to the fullest its potential. And practice, A LOT! Take care ✌

  2. I am a producer Fl Studio and you are an inspiring person for me !!!
    Saludos desde Cd. Juarez Chihuahua Mexico !!!

    1. Gracias amigo, I’m glad to hear that! Good luck with your project and BE THE BEST!
      Abrazo grande para Cd. Juarez

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