3 Simple Ways To Make A Bassline Like Hozho [With Video]

3 Simple Ways To Make A Bassline Like Hozho [With Video]

In this blog post I won’t write too much because a video is worth a thousand words. In this case, there will be three videos. Each one explains a different way to make a bassline, like the ones I usually produce in my tracks. Creating this kind of basslines is a very simple process as you will see, even for an amateur producer. It’s simple but effective! So let’s get down to business.

PS: Sorry for the poor quality of my voice. For a better experience, I recommend headphones.

1. Flat Bassline With Sidechain Compression

2. “Trance” Bassline

3. Automated Bassline


  1. Thanks for this mate, it is very helpful ! What software would you recommend for a complete amateur ! Also I think you would be perfect opener for Boris Brejcha, I love your sound !

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    1. It’s my pleasure to help. I could recommend several softwares like FL Studio, Ableton or Cubase, but what I really recommend is that if you start using one software, stay in that software and explore to the fullest its potential. And practice, A LOT! Take care ✌


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