Yin Yang: An Inside Look At Hozho’s First Solo Album

Hozho - Yin Yang - Blog Post

After nearly a year since the release of the album Beyond The Horizon with my friend Black Hertz, my first solo album Yin Yang is coming.

A solo album has always been something I really wanted to produce. It’s something that any artist feels proud to do because an album is like a son, it’s our creation. Through an album we can share what we are, tell our story and show the world our music style. It gives us the opportunity to set a position in the music industry through our originality.

And then, 3 years after the creation of my project, I felt it was time to produce and show the world a masterpiece, something that would define me as Hozho, where I could show the true essence of Melodark and if possible, make it a timeless album. That is my goal and my dream! The album is being developed and it will be released later this year.

Why Yin Yang?

Yin Yang is a principle of Chinese philosophy, where Yin and Yang are two opposite energies. Yin means darkness, represented by the black side. Yang means light, the white side. The world is made up of opposite forces and it’s very important to find the balance between them.

For me this definition makes perfect sense! We all have good days and bad days. In my case, I can transmit in music my emotions, whether they are positive or negative. My music style is characterized by harmonious parts full of melodies but also with a huge presence of darkness and power. Together they create the basis of Melodark.

That’s why I decided to call this album Yin Yang because there are all these opposing energies in my life that are my great inspiration and motivation to create my tracks.

“Hozho makes melodious what appears to be tenebrous. He is the calm during the storm. The Yin and Yang.”

Music style and influences

The music style in this album won’t change drastically from my previous tracks but you will hear new sounds that I think will create more intensity and emotions in the songs.

Besides being inspired by the experiences of my life, in this album you can hear a mix of sounds and instruments such as minimalistic elements, lots of melodies, synths and leads full of energy, orchestra elements, unexpected changes in musical construction (chaos), harmonious breaks with variation on the beat, oriental voices, etc…

A major influence for this album were TV series and film scores. An example of this is the track Für Heisenberg (Intro), the first song from my DJ Mix 03, which was inspired by my favorite TV series – Breaking Bad.

The artists who inspired me most were Hans Zimmer and Ludovico Einaudi, two great composers who helped me to develop my ability to create melodies and emotions in my tracks.

In terms of the track list, I’m not sure yet how many songs the album will have but I will include one intro and one outro that will represent the beginning and the end of the “story”. You already know some tracks from the album, you heard them on my DJ Mix 03. Songs like Beautiful Chaos and Unexpected Things will be part of Yin Yang.

At this moment I only must finish some tracks, select the best ones for the album and voilà! Great things take time and I don’t want to rush things but in the end I believe it will be worth it. Until next time!

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