We all know that there’s a whole plague outside but trust me, inside it’s not better ☣

Join me in this quarantine mix! I left my comfort zone. I played some tracks that have nothing to do with melodark minimal but still… I had a lot of fun. However, I played some of my old tracks and other tracks from artists that I really admire. And also, a different track to end this set. Maybe this quarantine is making me crazy muahahahah! But it’s ok. Hope you enjoy!

Free download (MP3): https://bit.ly/2wb1lhA
Listen on Soundcloud:

0:00 – Hozho – Twists and Turns
6:36 – Droplex – The Shadow
12:43 – DasDritteKind – Devil Green
17:23 – Hozho – Lack of Comprehension
23:56 – AQUO & Pastiche – Black Lights
31:44 – Gelios – Highway
37:34 – Stanislav Sqai – Oblivion
44:46 – Digital Pulse – Mirage
49:47 – HP Source – Planet
54:14 – Audio – Collision (Special Drum & Bass Track)