2 YEARS! It’s true that much has changed since then. With the creation of this project I discovered a new voice, a new way to communicate my emotions and visions. Two years have passed and many more will come. I will fight every single day to be a little better than the day before. HOZHO IS MY LIFE!
It’s amazing to see my evolution in just 2 years and the future just tends to be better. But this only happens because I have the best fans in the world, your support is fantastic and it’s my main fuel. And for this reason, I wanna say thank you with this gift that I made especially for you.
It’s already two years of existence. For this reason, I decided to do something different so I recorded this set in 2 different places. Yes, I’m an idiot full of ideas but what matters is that you enjoy it!

Note: This is not a DJ Mix. On this set I played not only some of my original tracks but also tracks of the artists that I most admire: my friends Black Hertz and Max Kraft, Boris Brejcha, Alex Stein, Theydream, Ann Clue, among others.