Hozho Mission

I strongly believe that it’s more important for you to know my personal mission rather my biography. I don’t want to boast about what I’ve done. The past is the past and my music speaks for itself. I want you to know my vision for the future so that you can walk with me along this journey.

My mission is to use my passion for music to inspire others, based on principles such as proactiveness, focus, motivation, persistence and law of attraction. I want to spread my art all over the world. Like an epidemic. Like a plague.

But why am I doing this?

I believe that anyone in the world can achieve their dreams. In fact, I can visualize a world where all people do what they love. I’m not saying that I will be that guy who will revolutionize society, but before I leave this planet I want to help and make my contribution. I want to help people achieve their goals, not only in the music industry but in all different areas of life.

I can say that I’m a little bit selfish because I make music according to what I love, and I don’t let myself be influenced by what other people say I should do. But that’s the only way I can be genuine and make good music. Art comes from within. As I said before, this project came from the need to express myself in a way that I never succeeded. I want my music not to be just music. I want to tell you a story. My past and my present. Good things and bad things.

That’s why I created my own musical style because I believe I do something different. I believe in boldness as a means of getting to places I would never reach if I behaved “normal” or made music for the masses. I’m not sure if this is the right way but at least this is the path I want to go through. I feel good about it. I want to be different and think outside the box to give people something to inspire.

I will not do this journey alone. My Plague Doctor Mask will always be with me to remind me why I created this project in the first place. The plague was caused by evil spirits, says a theory. To scare the spirits away, the mask was intentionally designed to be creepy. When I perform, I use the mask to scare all the bad energies and problems that people may have, whether on the dance floor or in their lives.

I will use this website so that you know better my project and be updated of the news. Through the blog, I’ll share useful information about music production, personal development and promotion on social networks, which are part of the 3P Rule that I’m developing that focuses on 3 essential areas for success in the music industry – Psychology, Production and Promotion.

If you don’t know me at all, my real name is Joel and I’m from Portugal. My unique sounds, characterized by harmonious melodies in the middle of darkness, influenced by Minimal Techno, led me to create my own musical genre – Melodark Minimal.

That said, be the best and help the rest! And fuck the rest, sometimes…