Hozho On Tour – Mauritius [With Video]

Hozho Live Mauritius

Mauritius, a paradise on Earth. One of those places that we see in Google images and we dream and think if someday we will have possibilities to go there. A few years ago, I didn’t realize that all this was going to happen in my life, at least not so soon. I thought that after creating this project it would take years before music would take me to other countries. But Mauritius? Who would have imagined that such a small country, an island with about one million people in the Indian Ocean, would have a community of ravers, lovers of electronic music? There were not many but I truly believe that quality is better than quantity.

My experience there was incredible. It started right before landing at Sir Ramgoolam Airport. A canceled flight made me arrive on the island the day after it was supposed to. But I’m glad that these things happen. Because of this canceled flight, I spent the night in a hotel in Porto, a hotel called Hotel da Música (“Music Hotel” in English). Was it destiny? Perhaps. And that made me even more excited for my trip to Mauritius. From the images I saw on the Internet, my expectations were very high. But when I arrived, my expectations were exceeded. And it was not only for the beauty of the country but also for the kindness of the people. I felt at home. The hotel was fantastic. The staff was super friendly. It seemed like I was living a dream.

I stopped to think: all the hours in the studio and every day I woke up at 6am, had finally been worth it. I felt a huge pride in myself for being in that paradise place, realizing that it was my music, my art, that took me there.

Mauritius Island, Hozho
Enjoying the free times at the beach.

Mauritius was the fourth country where I played. Not much, yet. Do you think that discourages me? Of course not. Quite the opposite. I’m 25 years old at this moment and I still have a life ahead of me. This is just the beginning.

About the party… my God. Amazing! For several reasons. I felt that the people really enjoyed my music. People wanted to take pictures with me. I really felt that I was more “famous” there than in my own country. I still can’t believe these things, honestly! I played some new tracks that will come out on my next album – Yin Yang. Furthermore, I was part of a lineup that included Lea Dobricic and Alex Stein, in addition to the local artists. Great talents! The awesome thing about this is that I already heard Alex’s tracks before I even started this project and now there I was, sharing the same stage with him. Quoting some famous guy: “Work until your idols become your friends”. Pure truth!

Hozho Live @ The Circle, Mauritius
Hozho Live @ The Circle, Mauritius

In short, I had a lot of fun. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I would highly recommend Mauritius as a place to vacation. And I also want to tell you – fight for your dreams because they are closer than you realize. Nothing is impossible! Believe in yourself, believe in your project. I speak from experience. There is no secret. You see, if you decide to drop your buckets where you are and develop your gifts I grant you that your gifts will take you to places that will literally amaze you. You can decide “I’m going to live each day as if it were my last!” You have the power to make that decision. You can decide “I’m going to work on myself and develop myself. I’m going to empower me. And these things that are happening to me right now they’re just temporary inconveniences. They’re not stronger than I am. I’m in charge here.”


Check out this video that shows a bit of my experience.

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