New year, new life – 6 tips to improve yourself in 2018

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Welcome to Blog Post 08 my dear friends. First, I want to apologize for not sharing any posts on the last weeks, since it was Christmas time and I wanted to spend time with my family, and on January 1st, as you might imagine, I had a huge hangover due to New Year’s Eve.

And speaking of New Year’s Eve… “NEW YEAR, NEW LIFE” – The biggest cliche of all time! But the truth is, if we do nothing to change, life will be the same. Don’t wait for luck and opportunity to knock on your door. Even if that happens, happiness will not last. Doesn’t it feel better when you get what you want because you fought for it? The feeling of personal fulfillment is unbelievable! If you have a dream but you don’t know how to reach it, or if you don’t have enough motivation to get there, this post may help you. I wrote this post regarding producers and DJ’s who want to evolve in the musical world but anyone is welcome to read these 6 tips to improve and make 2018 the best year of your lives!

1. Set your goals

Each one of us has its own goals, some more ambitious than others. There is no problem in dreaming big but the important thing here is to set realistic goals that you know you can accomplish. Stipulate weekly and monthly goals, always regarding what you want to achieve during this year. The fact that you stipulate short-term and medium-term goals will lead you wherever you want, progressively. Direction is more important than speed! And please, don’t lose your motivation if you haven’t succeeded in achieving the goal you had planned. Move on. ACT!

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2. Self-discipline

A very important point and perhaps the most difficult to interiorize. Self-discipline is everything, even more to us musicians. I say this because we don’t have anyone to tell us or force us to make music. We are the ones who should force ourselves to get to work. When I speak in self-discipline I speak in creating good habits, to manage our time and avoid procrastination. You may even have the best ideas or the best projects but if there is no consistency, productivity and focus, nothing will happen. We all have 24 hours a day, it’s up to you to decide what to do with those hours.

3. Exercise

I’m not talking only about physical exercise but also about exercising your brain. It’s obvious that physical exercise is important and I advise all producers and DJs to do it because it makes us feel better, more confident and healthy, which increases our productivity and productivity is KEY in our work. Everything is connected! But exercising your brain is very important because it keeps us active, with a more open mind, with new visions and knowledge. Read books, watch documentaries, watch videos about personal development, meditate… All this strengthens the most important “muscle” in the human body – our brain! And with that, we will develop new and better ideas, become better people for ourselves and for others, and strengthen our cognitive and emotional intelligence.

4. Update your library of instruments and plugins

Often, we feel uninspired and lack the motivation to make music. Sometimes, the solution is simple: new instruments and new plugins. Sometimes, the lack of inspiration comes from the fact that we are always producing music with the same sounds and nothing new comes up. Updating our library of instruments and plugins brings two great advantages. First, it motivates us to work because it’s something new, we get excited about the new sounds and it’s fun to explore each plugin’s ability. And secondly, it allows us to reinvent our music and consequently to evolve as artists.

5. Learn how to promote yourself

Nowadays, your ability to promote yourself on social networks will determine your ultimate success. It’s no coincidence that Promotion is part of my 3P Rule about the road to success in your musical career. Fortunately, we can find a lot of information and courses about social networking on the Internet. For me, knowing how to promote yourself is as important as making good music. Because if you don’t have a strong presence on social networks, nobody will know you, even if you make the best music in the world. Professional photos, a good story about your project, interesting and interactive content, regular publications, know your target audience, know the functionalities of each social network… All this will take you one step closer to your dreams.

6. Stop the fear of failure

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10.000 ways that won’t work.” – This is one of the most inspirational quotes in my life, by Thomas Edison. Failure is the key to success! With the mistakes, we learn and grow. If you fail you have positive things, why should we be afraid? Unfortunately, many people don’t develop their true potential because they are afraid of failing. They want to have control over their own lives and not take risks. Well, everything you want is on the other side of fear. It’s important to realize that failure is a natural part of life, and guess what? The world is not going to end!

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Always keep in mind the power of visualization. Think of what you want to become and imagine yourself in a year. What do you see? What you visualize can come true, just follow these tips and more importantly, believe in yourself. Because everything begins in your inner strength and in your insatiable desire to be the best version of you. And now, are you ready to rock 2018?


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