Hozho talks about the tour in Argentina, new music and DJ Mix 03

Hozho talks about Argentina Tour, new music and DJ Mix 03

In this Blog Post #04 I will talk about my recent tour in Argentina. I will also talk about the new tracks I am producing, a new EP and the future DJ Mix 03, which although it hasn’t a release date yet, its design is already being developed. Stay tuned for updates!

It’s been awhile since the last time I wrote a post on my blog. At first, I thought I could organize everything: production, gigs, social network management, etc. But the truth is that it’s a little more difficult than it seems. Time management is not one of my strengths but as I am a persistent person, I want to change that. You can leave in the comments topics that you would like to see discussed here.

Argentina Tour

Well, the most correct way would be to say “mini-tour”, since I only had two performances, one in Tucumán and another in Salta, both cities in northern Argentina. It was the first time I played, not only in this country but in South America. And just to think that this project Hozho was created just over 2 years ago, I am surprised… or not! After all, I always believed in this project and I knew that sooner or later it would happen. Which makes me increasingly believe that our dreams are within our reach and all we need to do is to work for it, always with our goals in mind (see Motivation to make music – My personal experience in electronic music scene).

But returning to Argentina, a wonderful country without a doubt! I was received very well, better than I was expecting. I confess I was a little afraid at first, after all it was my first time on another continent and I was… alone! But as soon as I arrived in Tucumán and tasted my first meal (empanadas and asado) with the guys of the organization that invited me, I felt immediately at home. And in the following days, I forgot where I really was. It didn’t even seem like I was in another continent, I felt at home with friends it seemed I had known for years. I was really in love with the people, the culture, the gastronomy, the frenetic frenzy of Tucumán and the peace that I experienced in Salta. Both gigs were awesome! People danced as if there was no tomorrow and I was cherished by my audience. I still returned with gifts of fans to Portugal which made me very happy. They played a song of mine in a restaurant! I was like… WHAAAAT?! I really lived a tremendous experience in Argentina. For a first time, I couldn’t have asked for better! I hope to return very soon and could do a bigger tour. But undoubtedly, I had a special feeling for Tucumán and Salta, and I just want to thank all the people who made it possible and made me feel incredibly well!

New Music (EP, DJ Mix 03 & Album)

Back in the studio, I find myself working on new material right now. It will follow a register like my previous works but in these new ones I’m placing even more emotions in the tracks and so you can hear, in a certain way, a new Hozho. New compositions, more melodies and more introspective journeys. The goal will be to create a meaning between the tracks so that they have a solid connection throughout a DJ set. A new EP with 4 original tracks called Be The Best & Fuck The Rest will be released on Techno Brothers. This EP still has no release date, as I still find myself finishing the fourth track Taking Over.

However, I have many more tracks in the queue to be developed. These tracks are being produced with two major goals: 1) DJ Mix 03; 2) First solo album. About the goal number 1, DJ Mix 03 will be constructed with original tracks, in a special place. Some of these tracks will be released in my first solo album, which leads us to goal number 2. This album will mark a new stage in my career. Stay tuned in the next few days because some previews of the new EP will be revealed. If you aren’t following me on the different social networks yet, this is a good opportunity to do so. The link for each one is available at the bottom of this page. That way, you stay abreast of all the news so that you don’t lose anything.

Hozho @ Bamboo, Salta
Hozho @ Bamboo, Salta

And that’s it for today. I recommend you to visit Dates page to follow the upcoming gigs. The next one may be close to your home. See you on Blog Post #05. Hasta!

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