Midas Touch – A Look Inside (How to make a Minimal Techno track, FL Studio plugins and many more)

Hozho - Midas Touch (A Look Inside)

In this post, I’ll show you how my track Midas Touch was made, which will be released on my debut album with my friend Black Hertz on October 20th. I’ll tell you what were the plugins I used, the effects I used and the instruments I used.

For those who don’t know, I use FL Studio in my productions. It’s the DAW I’ve always used since I started producing electronic music. It’s the software I use today and I’ll probably use it in the next few years because I already know it and I can produce what I like in it. However, the fact that I use this DAW doesn’t matter to the purpose of this post, since any software is good to produce what you like. All the plugins and effects I used can be perfectly used in any other DAW.

In this track, I used a total of 31 instruments. It’s a bit exaggerated, it’s true. It’s not normal for me to use so many instruments on a track, which goes against what I said in my last post about electronic music production methods and techniques. But on this track, I used many instruments because it’s a long track, with almost 10 minutes. Of course, there is no part of the song where there are 31 instruments playing at the same time and many of these are minimalistic instruments that were only used in certain parts of the track. Usually, I use 20 instruments in a song, on average.

This music was produced in 126 BPM (beats per minute). Most of my original tracks were produced in 126 BPM. However, I have produced tracks in 125 (e.g. Insanity And Madness), 127 (e.g. Silent) and 128 (e.g. From Mars).

blackhertzhozho album


Nexus 2 – I used it for bassline. It’s the plugin that I use most in the creation of basslines. Specifically, I used a bass called Basic Saw, which allows me to create an amazing sound using an effect called cutoff frequency, which I use a lot in my songs. The fact of having a saw wave, allows to create then this awesome effect (you can follow this explanation in the video at the end of this post). I also use a delay and reverb, very subtle, to give a certain presence in the song.

ANA (Analog Noise Attack) – I used this plugin in this track to create a pad. Also, good for basslines. In this plugin, I also use a cutoff frequency effect to give a certain intensity to the song. I almost always use a saw wave. In this track, I used a string called Creamy Strings, which I also used in my track Requiescat In Pace.

Twin2 – It’s a FabFilter plugin. I used Twin2 to create a melody, a lead and a buzzer. I used a key called Rounded One, for the melody (interestingly, I also used this key to create the melody of 898). To create the buzzer, I used an instrument called Melodicalike 2 MR DJM (which can be found on the best of instruments). And finally, I used a lead called OxygyneLike FN. I recommend this plugin because you can control the sound in your own way, since it has many effects.

FM8 – A Native Instruments plugin. I used to create a crazy FX. Usually, I don’t use this plugin very much but it has very interesting sounds.


Fruity Limiter – It’s a plugin included in FL Studio and I use it as sidechain compressor. I used it in the bassline. First, I created a link from kick to bass (sidechain to this track). Then I open an option in Fruity Limiter that says Compression (by default, it will open in the Limiter option). And finally, I set the threshold and ratio values ​​so that kick and bass don’t conflict with each other. In most of my tracks, I use Fruity Limiter as a sidechain compressor.

Fruity Parametric EQ 2 – It’s a plugin included in FL Studio and it works as an equalizer. However, let’s say I don’t do an actual equalization, at least during the production process. What I do is cut off the bass frequencies on all the instruments, except for kick and bass, which is where I want bass frequencies to be present. I do this because on certain instruments there is a large presence of bass frequencies that would interfere with kick and bass, and it wouldn’t sound good. Usually, I cut the frequencies around 200 Hz.

Fruity Delay – A simple delay plugin that comes with FL Studio.

Krush – It’s a plugin from Tritik. I use this plugin because it has amazing effects for those who produce high-tech, minimal and for those who want to create a completely different sound. In this track, I used the drive effect to give intensity to the track in build-ups but I also recommend the crush effect, which creates a kind of disintegration of the sound.

OrilRiver – I use a lot this plugin for reverb. It has many presets but you can also change the values ​​of all the different knobs to create a reverb effect in your own way.

Timeless 2 – It’s also a FabFilter plugin. It allows to create reverb and delay effects, to create a more high-tech effect. I used it on a specific instrument – Vox FX.

Hbasms Stereoizer – Used to create a stereo effect on the instrument, so the sound doesn’t stay so much in the center, to give more space. It seems that the sound is more to the sides. I use this effect subtly but in the end, I can create a fill effect in the song. Incidentally, I use this plugin a lot in the mix process to create a certain space for several instruments, to get more presence in the track.

Saturn – Another FabFilter plugin. It works as a saturator and distortion. I use a lot in vocals. You can make the sound more violent, more aggressive.

Fruity Reverb 2 – A reverb plugin included in FL Studio. Quite simple but very good.

Gross Beat – A plugin included in FL Studio. It creates an effect of chaos in the music. I use this effect on the master channel to completely flip the whole track. Obviously, it’s only used in small parts of the track, as in transitions, for example. It’s mindblowing!

Hozho - Midas Touch (FL Studio)
How “Midas Touch” looks like in FL Studio. Best view ever!


MIDI Files – Kick, Hat, Clap, Snare, Closed Hat, 808 Closed Hat, Open Hat and a little vocal I created with a FL Studio tool called Speech

Audio Files – High Hats, Mid Hats, Perc Loop, Lead Loop, Vox FX, Vocals, Drop Noise, Rise Noise, Build-Up, Impact, Crash, Voice Reverse, Minimal Loop, Noise Long, Metal Rise, Rise Long, Synth

It should be noted that all effects should be used very subtly to maintain the nature of sounds and not make music so artificial. By using certain effects in the production process, I’m already doing a pre-mix. However, I ​​make my mixes in a different project file dedicated exclusively to the mixing process. The detailed explanation is available in the video at the end of this post.

I hope this post has helped and inspired you. If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments. As I already said, on October 20th my debut album – Beyond The Horizon – will be released with Black Hertz, so stay tuned.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Take care. Hugs!


  1. I love each and every sound design in your song. you are a pro. thank you so much for sharing useful plugins. I would love to attend any masterclass from you on Minimal Techno.

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